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Make money with your website in the car lease, automotive marketplace

Our marketing tool reads out the content of the webpage where the advertisement is included and responds with relevant ads related with the content of the website without any configuration.

Just use the contextual ad generation tool and create ads choosing colors that match your website design, display relevant ads and make money online with LeaseTrader.com leader in lease transfer market.

The code can be easily generated by filling up a simple form, then just copy and paste the resultant code into your website and start displaying relevant ads directly from our huge car leases database. Display used cars on lease ready to be transferred, all cars are showed with photos and descriptions making your website or blog even more profitable.

If the car lease marketplace contextual ads tool does not find any relevant keywords in the destination website, then will display car leases ads with hot deals and featured listing cars available at the moment.

Contextual ads comes in different formats to match your website design and placement

Available sizes for car lease contextual ads display are:

  • 234x60 - Half banner
  • 468x60 - Full banner
  • 300x250 - Medium Rectangle
  • 160x600 - Wide Skyscraper
  • 720x200 - Big Size

Bellow is a sample, displaying car leases directly from our database

468x60 resolution

234x60 resolution


250x250 resolution


120x600 resolution


Ads creation tool

Access the ad creation tool and generate the code to paste in your website in the following url:



"After hearing about LeaseTrader on my local news, I decided to give it a try. The process couldn't have been easier - the old philosophy that you are stuck with a lease until the bitter end was shattered. The support department was helpful, the documentation easy to follow and the entire process more smooth than I could have imagined. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to get out of a lease or get into a great car without the overhead associated with getting a lease from a dealer. "
Gavin P. (MD)
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